The NYSC CDS, also called Community Development Service, is an arrangement where youth corpers meet weekly to discuss and develop a community development project. Members of this unique CDS group have meetings that are very important, and the use of bulk SMS can ease conveying the time and place of the meetings.

Sending notifications and announcements to all your CDS corp members for meetings can be made very easy with text messaging or bulk SMS. All you have to do is collate their numbers, register on the GraceSMS platform, purchase your SMS units via transfer, bank, or online payment and send your bulk SMS.

Some might be absent during the CDs meeting and need to be intimated on the next date and the progress so far on the project. With the GraceSMS multi-functional bulk SMS platform, you should be able to send general updates to all regular corp members via bulk SMS.

Appointed excos of the CDS can also use the bulk SMS website or mobile app to send reminders on general CDS and clearance at the NYSC zonal offices. It’s fast, efficient, affordable, easy to setup and requires no special skill to implement.
Get started right away by registering on our platform and start sending your monthly clearance dates, reminders and other important meeting details via bulk SMS.

For more information, please contact our support department on 07036497417 or mail to [email protected] We would be happy to hear from you!

Thank you for choosing GraceSMS!!